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Go to Bangladesh all education news and Admission information.University news,College news,Madical news,Polytechnic institute news,Student and Teacher News, Result publish...

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Go to Bangladesh all education news and Admission information.University news,College news,Madical news,Polytechnic institute news,Student and Teacher News, Result publish...

Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute

Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute

Welcome to Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute (PPI) establish in the southern division of Bangladesh. It recognized in 1989 but the academic behavior happening in 1993. At the start there were only two technologies - Electrical Technology & Civil Technology. following few years, Electronics technology start organization under TVET mission and at last Computer & RAC technologies added below reconstruction of accessible 20 Polytechnic institutes and organization of 18 new Diploma polytechnic institutes scheme. Now, there are five technologies all jointly and around 2000 students are study here in knowledge welcoming setting.

Missions & Visions BY Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute(PPI):
Our vision is to generate one of the country’s tremendously successful Polytechnic Institute and inventive provider of high excellence technical education and the important center of brilliance to create sustainable futures for our students as deliberate by our industries, senior educational institutions and overseas recruiting agency and be established into the varying world. The organization not only produces very high level of professional accomplishment but in addition creates a collection to provide the next production.

Our missions are to by Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute(PPI):
1.  Promise that our enlightening delivery is effective, important and current
2. Make world-class highly expert human possessions for the worldwide development.
3. Assist students expand their knowledge, skills, approach to be competent professional.
4. Raise the aspiration of our students to achieve their full possible, to become independent and serious learner.
5. Committed to a progressive technological education by promote a civilization of excellence in excellence guaranteed training.
 6. Appreciate the faith that our students set in us as we teach them to recover their knowledge and skill.
 7. Convert our student's lives during the stipulation of a high quality technical knowledge with a personal handle Build satisfying career for our students.
 8. Raise the aspiration of our ability by developing, behind and empowering them to transport brilliant teaching, research and repair provision.
 9. Deliver apprentice centered programs and value-added military that provide students, each opportunity to realize their personal, educational and occupation goals.
10 . Engaging with employer industry and communities to develop the extremely skilled personnel they require.11 · Build satisfying careers for our students
12 . Fulfill the Government assignment to make Bangladesh a center income generate country inside 2021.

Message from Principal in Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute (PPI):
   Welcome to the Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute (PPI) in Bangladesh (BD). I applaud the ability and staff of PPI for ongoing over 25 years to bear the highest standards in providing a excellence technical education to our expectations generations. Students from each corner of the country confess here and revise here in an education welcoming environment.

   PPI is operational to develop expert human capital. It provide expensive services to the state by not only contribution brilliant knowledge, skills and outlook to its students but in addition incorporate into its curriculum a assorted range of extra-curriculum behavior, which ensure that they appear as well rounded youthful adults. This sets a magnificent illustration for all educational institutions in our country to follow. Each year, PPI students continue to achieve beyond well in Diploma-in-Engineering examination as a evidence to the excellence of education which they have established and it is a enjoyment and joy to be connected with the institute and its organization.

   There have been initiative made by the Ministry of Education during the Directorate of Technical Education to found Own organization web-site for the TVET institute.
    In order to live, organization in the private and public sector would need to reply in a timely and elastic way to many changes, include technological change. This income that the organizational endurance and growth would depend on its aptitude to cope with the exterior and internal obligation that these change will demand.

    This implies that accessible and new staff would require acquiring new knowledge, skills, attitude and perspectives on a continual foundation.
   The swift and increasing advance in technology and in exacting, information technology, have had a collision on all jobs and the method in which they are authority. At all levels in mainly organization, staffs are predictable to be computer literate to several degrees or be clever to activate technology.
    It has been a practicality that within the management office, there is a huge obligation of developing human possessions in field of ICT. Government requirements to utilize ICT systems and request to improve efficiency, lucidity and quality of public military and processes.
   The PPI has been watchful of this advance and has taken the initiative in explore and introduce new strategy and methods of knowledge to meet the changing requirements of the surroundings and of its learners. Our sense has received greater gratitude as having skills which allow them to act as agent of change.

Let me take this occasion in wishing each and every one of our achievement in your teaching activities.
   As the world becomes more consistent and business becomes more multifaceted and dynamic, point out that there will be a critical and difficult role for all of you in the pending years in ICT employ.
I wish you all a creative and significant education program.

Engineer Hasan Md. Qumruzzaman

Principal (PPI)
Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute (PPI)

Contact Us:

Address: Patuakhali Sadar- 8600, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.
Web - URL: 
Phone Number:   088-0441-62345

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Welcome to Kurigram polytechnic institute (KPI) is forbidden by the Directorate of Technical Education which was recognized on 1960 and Bangladesh technological Education Board which was recognized 1967, mostly proscribed by the Ministry of teaching, Government of the popular Republic of Bangladesh. In Kurigram Polytechnic Institute (KPI), Diploma in engineering course are organism offered in diverse technologies. After winning achievement of These Courses, The alumnae are showing to the job market, and intelligent to connect themselves in nationwide expansion works. 

1. Create mid rank Diploma Engineers.
2. Protected 20% skilled manpower inside 2015.
3. Make positive about appropriate and corrective academic impression.
4. Make skill and active manpower.
5. Be champion technological world to contend with other competitor.
6. Inexpert manpower change into expert manpower.
7. Get exemplary overseas exchange as skill manpower.
8. Create large command in national and worldwide labor market.
9. Teach every student cautiously.
10. Assist poor and commendable student from deprived fund.
11. Have burly watchfulness survive suitable academic ambiance and avoid any aggression.

Our main behavior is:
1. Drive management in disciplined method.
2. Make certain of regular course to the students.

3.  Deliver opportune in order to the Bangladesh Technical Education Board and directorate of technological Education.
4. Take on copy gratis examination5. Converse with restricted administration
6. Contribute in varieties Co-curricular Programmed and educational programmed.
7. Get ready student action sheet frequently.
8. Get ready semester plan.
9. Establish Guidance and psychotherapy.10. Make sure of staff meeting repeatedly.
11. Prepare annually budget.
12. Execute any instruction agreed by the Bangladesh technological education slat and Directorate of technological education.

Outsourcing opportunity for the follow professional in Bangladesh:
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Message from Principal (KPI):

Welcome to Kurigram Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh(BD). At Here, we are for all time on a genuine try to realize the system developed by Bangladesh scientific Education Directorate while maintain a good setting for genuine life education organization.

Graduates from any private or public university in Bangladesh:
You have complete your graduation, now you are unemployed. You have several skills that you can exploit but you are not receiving the occasion to work. There are batches of works you can do from the outsourcing marketplaces. All of our preceding works mention in previous two sections in which you can employment, because you have previously complete ssc, hsc program and you have type knowledge in totaling. As you have finished your commencement, you have extra knowledge's to make use of you can employ as a Virtual Assistant for somebody who lives in USA, Australia or Canada. You can in addition make presentation for your consumer. So you have the subsequent obtainable jobs for you:

 Kurigram Polytechnic Institute is located north side in the Bangladesh in Kurigram District at krisnopur village which is far from Dhaka about 350 kilometers in Bangladesh. It is go to Kurigram essential terminal.

Architecture & Interior Design:

Architecture & Interior Design is a attractive field, allow professional working within the business to combine their original skills with business sharpness as they design useful spaces and interrelate with a diversity of clients. With the commerce projected to continue mounting, the time is right to believe a career as a center designer. The show below provide an overview of clothes for future students involved in this field to consider, as well as how to become an interior designer, the type of project they may employment on, the skills they’ll require to be successful and in profundity look at related career, job prediction and enlargement outlooks.
While a proper education is not an complete must, the majority interior design firms need designer to hold at slightest a Diploma quantity. A degree in the exact field is favored, but one in another region is usually acceptable as long as it is accompany by assignments in interior design, such as illustration and computer-aid design (CAD).
program in Architecture & interior design can be establish at many main Polytechnic Institutes, as well as in several university .

Contact Us:
Kurigram Polytechnic Institute(KPI)

Kurigram Sador,Kurigram, Bangladesh.
Telephone Number: (880) 581 – 61688
Website URL:

Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Welcome to Sylhet Polytechnic Institute (SPI) in Bangladesh. A extremely minimum percent of the nation are strictly educated. Mostly several Engineering Universities. Polytechnic and monotechnic institute are tiresome their height best to increase these percentage up to the normal. Government is extremely much involved about Technical Education and expend more for transformation and development for excellence technical education. Directorate of technological Education underneath the Ministry of education straight manage this organization. After on 1959, it be renamed as a Sylhet Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh. It stands on Twenty Acres of ground. There are one three store university building, two store Computer and Electro medical house, two boys hostels one mosque,, one women hostel, One clear, Two play Grounds. Fair and deep pond on the college grounds. There are Principal Bangle, Teachers section and staff Quarter in the college grounds. Residential area is bordered by a variety of trees such as mango, Guava, Jack fruits, Coconut, battle nut etc.

At first it ongoing its Function with five technology. But at present, there are seven Technologies in Sylhet Polytechnic Institute Bangladesh (BD).

Mission & Vision Sylhet Polytechnic Institute (SPI):

Vision (Vision): Work from home and overseas in agreement with the demand of expert and capable engineer diploma in the theater all rounds.

Mission (Mission):
1. Institute of teachers and staff in the workplace in terms of the reality of modern technical and scientific training.
2. performing arts other maintenance tools for practical classes in the organization.
3. Diploma in engineering path curriculum is reliable with the necessary modern tackle Karan compilation.
4. Theoretical and realistic classes for the students to be detained verification.
5. Through the assessment of students, not have of preparation and education to supply feed-reverse on.
6. Co-karikulara student through a assortment of products as well as the theater all around.

Message from Principal (SPI):
Polytechnic education is aims to produce profession sloping technically establish adroit competent person resource in dissimilar technology to convene the command of real headquarters in home and abroad. To realize this objective team affords of faculty & staffs of institute are extremely much essential. Considering these entire prerequisite for produce all rounder polytechnic alumnae we are confident and committed to make sure up to the spot excellence of our alumnae within possible immediately period. If you have determined to excel, create high achievement in life and make a payment to the expansion of the nation, you will necessitate the best teaching and preparation. It is SPI's assignment to offer these to you. Please believe my best needs for your achievement.

Engr. Md. Abdul Halim
Principal (SPI)
Sylhet Polytechnic Institute(SPI)

Civil Technology (SPI):
Civil Engineering subdivision of Sylhet Polytechnic Institute was ongoing in the decade of 60.In the premature days student ability was only 40 nos. but now a days it consists of 96 students in two dissimilar group A & B.To dish up the condition and to increase speed the education velocity there is another transfer of students evening change which consists of the comparable figure of students. So every year in two piece/groups (A+B) 118 student register now. One head of section chief instructor lead this section and six capable teachers. We have four laboratories for representative sensible works: - stonework and plumb shop, survey shop, wood operational shop, and earth shop. These shops are well- prepared and four knowledgeable craft instructor/ lab supporter are occupied there. The students are guide by the Bangladesh Technical instruction Board, Dhaka. We go behind BTEB agreed 4 year diploma engineering course outline which has eight semester. Every semester’s period is six months.

Contact us (SPI):
Address (SPI): Technical Road, Sylhet-3100
Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Telphone Number: 0821-716372
E-mail Address :
Mobile Number: 01746494392
Web -Site Address:

Bhola Polytechnic Institute

Bhola Polytechnic Institute

Bhola Polytechnic Institute(bhpi) in Bangladesh.

Bhola is the largest polytechnic institute of Bangladesh. The space of Bhola is 3403.50 sq km. Bhola Polytechnic Institute (Bhpi) recognized at 2005 below Bhola District, Borhanuddin Upzilla,

Pakkhia Union near River Meghna in Bangladesh. This polytechnic institute very popular in Bangladesh and Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Google, twitter, internet and online for communication.
It globalization in the world. Per year admission from delivery and Semester Result published. This polytechnic and Diploma in engineering in Bangladesh College very populated. Student and teacher very good comunacation.and this polytechnic college student present time internet outsourcing and make money earning doing.Exjample ,Odesk, Freelancer, Data Entry, Web Reached, And web development and web design.